Should we feed our kids organic food?

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The question if we should feed our kids organic food comes up more and more. According to various investigations (and rumors) it would be very good to eat some fruits and vegetables organic. This, so that we don’t eat all the pesticides they use to produce them.
It appears that these pesticides can contribute to several severe health issues. Think of cancer, reproductive problems and possibly disorders of the endocrine and immune systems. There is an indication that it can cause as well permanent changes in brain chemistry that may lead to behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, and even long-term damage to the brain and nervous system.
Especially now that I have kids, that doesn’t sound very nice. So, enough reasons to investigate if organic food for kids is necessary 🙂


In Europe foods may be labelled organic if at least 95% of their agricultural ingredients meet the necessary standards. Bio food according EKO quality mark means that it may contain natural pesticides, no chemicals. This is good news for the earth. For human beings these natural pesticides can be harmful as well, but if it’s used according the regulation it’s safe to eat.


To leave pesticides completely out would be too hard at this moment because the demand is high and people don’t want to pay crazy prices on fruit & vegetables.

So if you want to eat less chemical pesticides but don’t go crazy on your grocery bills, the best solution is to make a selection. This, because not all the products have that much harmful chemicals in them.
For some fruits and veggies they don’t need so much pesticides in the production, or it doesn’t go into the product itself. See below the lists of ‘good and bad fruits and veggies’. This is what we found out about the ones that are important to buy organic or grow it yourself and which are alright to eat without it being organic:

DOWNLOAD PDF (hang it on your fridge as a reminder)

For the fruits and veggies that contain a lot of chemical pesticides, you can buy them organic or maybe even better, plant your own fruit/veggie garden! In case you don’t have green fingers you can look for a local organic farmer to get the best.

We start growing strawberries, tomatoes and spinach and I’ll let you know later how they taste (if they make it until harvest 😉 ).